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Dried Everlasting Wreath Kit
  • Dried Everlasting Wreath Kit

    Our Everlasting Wreath Making Kits are the perfect thing for anyone wanting to try their hand at crafting. The perfect activity with friends either in person or socially distanced via zoom or video call! Beautifully packaged, our kits include a wonderful, illustrated guide and everything else you need to create your very own wreath. And the best bit? - all of the ingredients are either preserved or dried so your masterpiece will last for years to come! What’s in the box? -  a small kit contains a 15cm hoop and a medium kit a 20cm hoop both contain a roll of floral tape, mixed dried components, silk ribbon and a step by step guide. All varieties of kits can be created in a number of different ways and each is garunteed to be completely unique.  Looking for a gift - these can be sent as a gift! Because the materials are dried they are light and ideal to send in the post, this also means that there is no time limit on when they need to be made / used by. Just leave a note for a message to the recipient upon ordering and leave the rest to us!
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