Everlasting 'Thyme' Wreath Making Kit
  • Everlasting 'Thyme' Wreath Making Kit

    Fancy having a go yourself?


    Our Everlasting 'Thyme' Wreath Making Kits are the perfect thing for anyone wanting to try their hand at wreath making this year. 


    Beautifully packaged, our kits include a wonderful illustrated guide by Wildflower Illustrations and contain all that you need to create your very own handmade wreath.


    And the best bit? All of the ingredients are dried so your masterpiece will last for years to come!



    Looking for a gift - these can be sent in the post! Because the materials are dried they are pretty light too and there is no time limit on when they need to be made / used by.


    Eco - Friendly - All of the material included apart from the frame, wire and ribbon (which can all be reused or decomposed) are bio-degradable but we know once you've made your beautiful wreath, you'll want to hang on to it!


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